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We do the schools history project at my school, studying medicine through time and the American west as our in-depth study. I am an A/A* student as are many others in my class yet in the mock exams in December only one person in our class achieved a passing grade! With the real exams approaching, I was wondering if anyone had any advice for how to answer questions, I have the factual knowledge but I can't seem to get the marks on 7 or 8 mark questions.

Posted: 02-04-12 15:01 by Cesca

HI I'm doing exactly the same course as you.

Basically if you want to get full marks make sure your answer is balenced. The 8 mark questions are usually asking for you to make a valued judgement. This means including both points of view or sides to the arguement. Also don't sit on the fence write a conclusion to state your final answer to the question. Also, make sure you actually explain not just describe in your answer. Even if your answer is balenced, if you just describe then you can only get a maximum of 5-6 marks.

the 7 mark questions are asking you to explain, so if a question  asks you to explain why hippocrates is important, say what he did and what effect it had on medicine, his invention of the regimen helped people to look for natural cures for illness, allowing medicine to develop as it moves away from superstitious/religious ideas.

Just remember to keep it balenced with a conclusion and you should be fine.

Hope this helps


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Posted: 03-04-12 15:51 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

what board are you on I am doing gcse history on the edexcel exam board. I have done the medicine and american west exams. plus the controlled assessment. i just have the transformation of surgery left to do.

Posted: 03-04-12 17:17 by sadsad