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My school is super stirct with our uniform. We must have the right shade blazers, the right length ties and skirts (they have to be knee length!), we are not allowed to wear any type of jewelery and any hair accesories have to be black or navy blue, also they even tell us what shade hair we can't have if we dye it. And we are not allowed any make up at all. It just really annoys me that school seem to think that they have the power to control how we dress and what we look like, they are forever telling us to be individual but how can we do this when they set these rules. They say that it is to stop us from being distracted from learning, there must be a better reason than this!

Sorry for going on a bit but this really bugs me, please let me know what you have to wear at school and what you think of it.

Posted: 15-04-12 19:43 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

we hv 2 wear a blazer wiv our skool logo on it (hw gay!!!)

a blouse nd plain black pnts

i hte ma unifrm!!! =(

Posted: 15-04-12 21:30 by Sabah x

I think you go to my school lol... :) Yep, it's the same with our school. Knee length skirts, school blazers (which are red and grey - seriously?), no jewelery  etc. and if you have long hair, you can't put it down, just a ponytail, bun or anything else as long as it's tied up. No mobile phones but everyone brings theirs anyways. I really don't mind since I'm more focused on my education than my fashion in school. 

Posted: 15-04-12 21:34 by LP-FTW

our school has a similar unform but to be honest seen as were finally in the last term of yr 11 they are starting to not care. i have to wear a navy blazer with the school logo on :/ then a blouse or shirt but we have to wear a tie no matter what we wear. we get the choice of either trousers or skirts though skirts have to be knee length though very frequently they aren't. hair die is the same people have been asked to die their hair back to their natural shad though in the end they csnt really force you can they.

uniform is a pain though in the end it makes us look smart and it prepares us for jobs in the future where we may have to wear a uniform i guess some schools are just stricter than others. in the end its your choice to rebel or not Nelly x

Posted: 16-04-12 17:40 by Nelly Barnes

lol.. our school has no blazer or tie. we can either wear, a blouse and mini skirt or a shirt and trouser or selwar kameez. but our uniform colour is mulberry, and our school is mulberry which is just so sad. and if we wear a cardigan it has to be mulberry colour as well. to be honest eventhough we have uniform, no one really sticks to the uniform, in the corridors you will see people wearing non-uniform, most teachers dont care, they have given up. oh yeah, and none of our unifrom needs to have a logo on but if you want to and your really sad, you can wear uniform with the logo, and as with any school, make up and mobile are not allowed, but i don't care, i dont own a mobile and neither do i wear make up much. 

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Posted: 16-04-12 18:54 by ? Secret - Team GR

in my school we have to wear grey or burgundy clothes (sixthform) but we can wear anything and our skirts dont have to be knee length just 'sensible' but to be honest mines short ishhh. and we can wear make up and die our hair, they dont like colours that you cant b born naturally with

Posted: 17-04-12 16:53 by Gabby Tracey

My school does not allow non-school uniform and yet almost every school allows it

Posted: 17-04-12 16:58 by Seth.B

Seth.B you're so lucky

Posted: 17-04-12 17:30 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

At my school ties have to either have 12 stripes or be waist length. The only jewellery allowed is a small pair of earrings or a watch and the only students allowed to wear make up are the sixth form. Skirts have to be longer than knee length.

Most people pay no attention to the school rules anyway

Posted: 02-05-12 10:19 by Sonikkuruzu

at my school you can wear 1 ear stud

Posted: 02-05-12 11:02 by Nathan

=D cool

Posted: 02-05-12 11:04 by Sabah x

lol xD

hey NAthan, before i saw your name, i thought you were a girl and i was like..... why would your school let you wear one ear stud :P

BTW, i'm in 6th form.... no uniform but smart clothes instead.... dont really care tbh.... last term of school FOREVER!!!!!!!!

whoop whoop :D

Posted: 02-05-12 13:12 by Fyzah :p