School should end later for sixth formers??

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I think it should becuase at the end of the day you signed up to stay on so why not stay longer and make the most out of it as time goes so quickly :'(

Posted: 05-03-12 19:20 by Abitracey


6th form should finish early cos we're all meant to be mature students ((whatever that means :P))

Also, 6th form and collegue are basically the same thing and collegue students only go in when they have lessons/lectures, so 6th form should be the same ^_^

Posted: 06-03-12 13:38 by Fyzah :p

well i think we should have londer hours, i personally love skwl, soo i wouldnt mind, im not one of them people who moan sayin oooo i wanna leave early. if thats the case y come to sixthform anyone, cus like what was said above u didnt have to come, it is optional :)

Posted: 06-03-12 16:27 by Gabby Tracey