Salters Chemistry Camps

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My school has selected 10 pupils from year 10 to go on the Salters Chemistry Camps, and I was just wondering if anyone else is going or has been in the past? I am not sure whether to go or not, or what happens whilst you are there. I also have to choose which university, out of St. Andrews, Cambridge, Bath, Manchester, Sussex and a couple of others. Because only four of the 10 who have been selected from my school can go, if I decide to go I have to write about why I want to go and I have no ideas what to say!

I know thats alot of questions, but if anyone can help me decide at all it would be much appreciated!!! The sooner the better as well. Thanks in advance!

Posted: 05-03-13 17:24 by Sunset

Hi, I went on the chemistry camp at nottingham 2 years ago and i'd definitly reccomend it!
Some of the stuff they talk about will go completly over your head but it doesnt really matter too much, I didnt learn much there, however it was so much fun doing some of the experiments there as you probably wont get a chance again and some of the lectures we had were very interesting.
I think whichever university you go too will be the same course, but you get to live on campus and use the facilities there so go to one you may apply to in the future for a chance to look around.
For the reasons you want to go, you should explain about wanting to explore the campus and get a taste of life at uni and then talk about enjoying chemistry and that you would love the opportunity to further your knowledge.
Hope this helps 

Posted: 12-03-13 20:21 by amy

Hey, I'm in year 10 and Ive just found out I've been picked to on this chemistry camp in York, July the 17th-19th of July 2013. Is anyone else going on this camp?? The other three in my year are going to Bath so I won't know anyone :(

Posted: 22-03-13 15:57 by Evie Holmes