Russian A level

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Anyone else doing Russian A level? I am going to start it in September, and cannot wait! I had to get tutoring for it because the college I am going to sadly dropped it last year, so I don't know anyone else who going to study it. I had to carry it on though because it was so good at GCSE! :)

Posted: 29-04-12 16:23 by Rhiannon

Hey Rhiannon. Yeah I am doing Russian Asset A-level at the moment. As a native speaker, I can say that the A-level gives gives you a more in depth knowledge of the Russian language however, it is harder and more focused on the words and phrases that you use rather than the way you write and speak. I still hope that you enjoy it and wish you the best of luck in it! :D

Posted: 17-05-12 11:01 by Anton Agejev