RS Exam today?

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anyone has OCR RS exam today?

Posted: 15-05-12 17:51 by Preya

i had it

Posted: 15-05-12 18:03 by Stewart

how did you find it? :)

Posted: 15-05-12 18:12 by Preya

i got an f in my mock and only wrote 2 pages and i wrote out questions but in this exam i wrote 6 1/2 pages without questions, i answered section A and B marriag and suicide i found it quite easy but ill probs only still get like and e or f how did u

Posted: 15-05-12 18:23 by Stewart

i bet u've done fine :) i thought the relationship paper was easier than the war paper :/ hopefully the boundaries are low

Posted: 16-05-12 12:22 by Preya

i did it!, how did you word the first question... what is marriage ??

i know it sounds stupid but thought it was quite hard to word ?? 

Posted: 16-05-12 13:36 by bee King

same i thought that was a dumb 1 mark question

i put like a partnership between a man and a women that is recongised as a life long commitment by law

its really long answer for one mark i think :/ what did you put?

Posted: 16-05-12 13:40 by Preya

i know!! 

that is basically what i put a formal union of a man and a woman recognized by law! 

how did you find the whole exam??? 

Posted: 16-05-12 13:42 by bee King

yeh thats a good answer :)
i thought the exam was alright like for RS i know you can sometimes blag it but some parts were hard like the qs on the second paper about how can hindus challenge inequality i had no idea what to write, how did u find it? 

Posted: 16-05-12 13:45 by Preya

Thank you! 

yeah me too i thought compared to my mock and things that this had better topics etc in it!! 

were not doing our second paper until the 31st cause were doing Islam!  

Posted: 16-05-12 13:50 by bee King

yeh thats true the topics were pretty broad so you could write a lot, ohh ok, welll good luck for it you'll do fine :)

Posted: 16-05-12 14:17 by Preya

thank you very much!! good luck with all your other exams :) 

Posted: 16-05-12 14:53 by bee King

Thanks bee King :D

Posted: 16-05-12 14:54 by Preya