Rights of women and men - before and now

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I have to do a project based on the role of men and women historically and now...

I need to include information about the roles i.e. the job, the rights, when they were allowed to voted, equality between women and men.. and anything else you can think of relevant with this..

stats and facts will be very useful.. thnx in advance :) x

Posted: 22-06-12 19:30 by ? Secret - Team GR

Hi:-) I've just done an exam on the role and status of women (only women though) from 1900 to now..:-) I have some facts on a time line mainly about politics but I hope it's helpful:-) This was given to me by my teacher so I'm not sure where the info came from:)

1880- married women's property act which meant women could keep their property once they were married
1897- the 'National Union of Women's Sufferage'' (the suffragists) were formed by Millicent Fawcett
1902- education act allowed more working class girls to attend grammar school
1903- the 'Womens Social and Political Union' (the suffragettes) formed by Emmeline Pankhurst
1918- men over 21 and women over 30 given vote
1919- first women MP elected to parliament
1928- women over 21 given vote
1970- equal pay act
1979- Margaret thatcher became first women prime minister in Britain
1997 - over a third of house of commons were women MPs (first time)

Posted: 22-06-12 21:47 by AmyPond

hi if ure studyin lang will y plz reply thanx

Posted: 22-06-12 21:51 by SciTech

Science genius- I don't do languages...:/

Posted: 22-06-12 21:52 by AmyPond

THNX ! Lucia x

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Posted: 22-06-12 22:10 by ? Secret - Team GR

No problem:-) I have loads of sheets and stuff from this topic but I stored them after my exam so will dig them out if you need any more help:-) just ask and I'll try my best to answer!:)

Posted: 22-06-12 22:31 by AmyPond

thats ok... thanx for replying lucia .. its just that i have 2 choose one 4rm my school choices and i havent chosen be4 .. need 2 no which is the easiest !

Posted: 22-06-12 22:32 by SciTech

I think you should pick the one you think you'll enjoy most and that interests you. Any language is going to be a challenge so you should choose one you'll be motivated to learn..:)

Posted: 22-06-12 22:46 by AmyPond

i havent really studied them . so i dont know wot i like... but i studied french for a week at skewl.. so maybe that one. imm gnna see sugestions now

Posted: 22-06-12 23:03 by SciTech

Would be grateful if you could tell me what sort of jobs  women did before ?

Posted: 23-06-12 15:50 by ? Secret - Team GR

of course:) but before what?! Before any world wars, only women who were in working class and had to work, worked. these were jobs such as the domestic service (servants) and were done by younger single women with no family ties. however, if they married they would have to give these jobs up.

then came WW1 and women had to do the jobs that the men were doing, as the men were fighting....

can give more detail when i know exactly what you are asking!:)

Posted: 23-06-12 16:05 by AmyPond

okay thnx

well i need to know like over the history the jobs women did, so during the world war, after the world war... 

need more details or is that enough info ? 

Posted: 23-06-12 16:08 by ? Secret - Team GR

No thats fine:) when does your project have to be in? I have loads of info on this but I'm super busy revising for my last exam at the moment!:) sorry...:/ it finishes Monday morning so if you can hang on till Monday afternoon I can give you help etc:-) if not I'll do my best to find my resources for you:)

Posted: 23-06-12 17:41 by AmyPond

Aw dont worry its fine.. I still have just about more than a week for my project.. so I prefer you to focus on your exam and then help me after your exam is done :) thnx, i aprreciate your help..

Good luck in your exam !

Posted: 23-06-12 17:48 by ? Secret - Team GR

thank you:) its a really hard one! (addtional maths) which means its not on any revision sites, so its really hard to revise :\

Posted: 23-06-12 18:16 by AmyPond

Hi Lucia, 

how did ur exam go ? hope it went well.. if you dont mind can u help me plz with my project.. thnx in advance <3

Posted: 26-06-12 15:59 by ? Secret - Team GR

It went well- thank you:) and yes- I was actually thinking about that today while I was sorting through my stuff:) if you could write me a list of things that you want to know ill do my best to help you. But my women project was only from about 1850 to the present day, and only on women in work, women at home and women in politics..:) there is a little bit about men but only in comparison to women:) when does your project have to be in by?

Posted: 26-06-12 16:17 by AmyPond

Another thought- I will post them in the resources so different topics are separate:)

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Posted: 26-06-12 16:25 by AmyPond

aw glad to hear :) 

thats fine.. even if its from 1850 to present thats perfectly fine.. okay dont worry about the men.. leave it.. the help u have given is a lot already.. n i feel quite bad askin u for more help sorry -_- whichever way it is for you to give it to me is fine.. thank u soooooooo much i couldnt ask more.. thank u ** <3

Posted: 27-06-12 11:26 by ? Secret - Team GR

Secret! If your project hasn't been handed in yet I'll write out and do some tomorrow:) and I'll improve the first one- that was a bit brief..I have been SO busy- sorry:/ and I had no time for resources! But I have scheduled tomorrow for catching up with stuff etc and will post some stuff:)

Posted: 30-06-12 15:07 by AmyPond

Don't worry my project is for tuesday.. but listen Lucia all the help you have given me is fine.. I dont want you to stress out more just for me.. eventhough that is sweet :) so dont worry about giving me more resources.. THANK YOU THOUGH FOR ALL YOUR HELP !!!  love u ! x all the best in your study XD

Posted: 30-06-12 21:26 by ? Secret - Team GR

No don't worry- my exams are finished and I'm not stressed at all any more!:) actually at a bit of a loose end- so helping you will give me something to do:) its no problem at all:):)

Posted: 30-06-12 22:39 by AmyPond

aww, okay.. its entirely your choice.. if you wish to help me i am more than grateful.. i appreciate all your help <3 x.. thnx

Posted: 01-07-12 18:24 by ? Secret - Team GR

women have more freedom!!!

Posted: 02-07-12 08:41 by aliimz