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Does anyone know any revision websites that take you through each module at a time i.e B1, B2, B3 etc

i tried bitesize but i want a better website. Any ideas....



Posted: 27-10-09 12:17 by Manjana

I know i have had the same problem of where to revise. Went on bitesize, but don't think it covers everything. So, if anyone could help me as well that would be sooooo helpful!

thank youu


Posted: 19-11-09 13:20 by Sarah Hindley

revision book called twenty first century science, sam learning

Posted: 03-04-11 18:54 by aneesah sharif


Posted: 03-04-11 19:37 by fazia

our teacher gave us a website..

and also, if you go onto my school's website.. there's different sheets and stuff you can use..

hope this helps..:) **

Posted: 14-04-11 15:37 by hannahhunyhoops

If you scroll down, you can see lists of things you need to learn for each section!! :D

Hope it helps!!

Posted: 18-04-11 14:47 by Emma

give you a tip guys dont just read the pages for hours and hours ur selves and thinking u'll remmber it, coz ur only getting 10% out of what u'r reading but try teaching others (even if they  know) what you read. try put it in ur own words and u can also make them do a role play you say whatever and they have to act it out!! (trust me u'll remmber a lot more (70%-95%))

hope it helps ;-)

Posted: 20-09-11 21:04 by lilmisszar

The O2 Learn website is a good site ( ), its got lots of short revision videos on basically every subject. The videos are made and uploaded by UK Teachers so you know the information is accurate.

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