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Does anyone has any revision tips for people who can't revise? (i only has 1 week left to revise but nothing is in my head yet, basically i know nothing in my subjects, my exam starts on the 21/05/12) I always have a problems with revising because when ever i revise nothing gets into my head and sometimes i forgets everything that i have read. 


every answer would be very pleased 

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Posted: 14-05-12 21:15 by It's Me

Hi ME!!!

I'm exactly the same --

But.... I just force myself to revise (((it seems impossible, but it isn't)))

just start revising for a few minutes then you'll realise that it's not actually as hard as you thought it would be :D

Hope this helps :D

Good luck ^^

Posted: 15-05-12 12:23 by Fyzah :p

Hello me,

i suggest you to make flashcard for certain topic that you find hard and do past paper (2 best ways for me to revise)

Posted: 15-05-12 14:52 by mo

Heyy Me!

i faced the same situation as you once, well there are many ways to revise...u can try revision cards, mind maps, past papers (timing yourself would be good), and you can try summarising things into your own words...

hope that helped

good luck with your exams x

Posted: 15-05-12 16:19 by Rizu_r


There are actually so many ways to revise! What i do is download instrumental (wordless) versions of my favorite songs onto my iPod and listen to them to keep me motivated while i copy down what my notes or the textbook says in bullet points or on a mind map. Then i stick the mind maps up on my wall and read them each night. I also find reading things out loud to a recorder and then listening back helps and games like 'Just A Minute' where you read through a page on a textbook and then spend a minute trying to say it back to a friend/sibling/parent. Also, if you are active and do sports, think through revision notes while you are doing them or listen to them on a iPod or something while you are running, walking etc. 

Hope this helps! :)

Posted: 15-05-12 16:48 by Laura

hey :)

  • i have the same problem........but my science teacher told me to use colours, smells and sounds to revise with!
  • Also try using different ways of revising like mind maps, recording yourself reading stuff like that
  • most of these work for me hope they do for you too :)
Posted: 15-05-12 17:04 by Amna Mackmood-Khan

lol Amna... I wanna smell my revision :P


Posted: 15-05-12 19:25 by Fyzah :p

Loads of Midmaps really help me but not like loads of writing like different phrases so for like Classical Civilisation if it was Athens you write Athens in the middle and a Line coming off it with the Oikos and then different parts of the Oiko's coming off it.. Also as someone said before do it in LOADS of colours. And Podcats also help I listen to these all the time like in the shower, in bed, on the bus etc. They really help. I hope this Helped :)

Posted: 15-05-12 19:30 by Eloise

loool fyzah! xDD ohh btw heyy mee xD recognize me? all im gonna say to u is that, open the book and start making notes! like i told u before, for nearly 2 years now xD mindmaps help a lot too! all i do is i make notes first which condenses the book into a few notes, then i make then into useful diagrams xD use a variety of color too! and u can also make a variety of drawing in you mind map too! helps me remember stuff xD 

Posted: 15-05-12 20:09 by priya777

yeah like smells that you really like.....chocolate/fave perfume

then youll associate them smells with that topic your for me :) ***

Posted: 16-05-12 17:38 by Amna Mackmood-Khan

Remember, revising isn't revising until you test yourself!

Try making revision cards, writing them out might help you!

Or maybe try a trigger sheet, think of a word that could trigger lots of other information. This might prove useful for you.

I also have posters of quick information where I can dry my hair and just look at it, anything that you can have regular interaction with.

Posted: 16-05-12 21:00 by deehammond

I like using podcasts, and making flash cards. Using powerpoint for these is faster than writing them out, if you have access to it.

Posted: 17-05-12 12:05 by Aya

Try doing past papers and questions, and see how much you know. You probably know more than you think you do! :)

Posted: 17-05-12 16:03 by Elle Belle

Hey S'Me - lol had too

Anyway the best way that got me into revision was doing what i loved around my topic.

For example I love to make movies and films including draw and the subject i hated the most (and still can't stand) is English - Especially Poetry!

So I created (this is going to sound really cheesy) but little movies out of  lego, (stop motion animation) and as I would read the poem in the video I would make them move and create that. Not only was I having fun but the words were getting stuck in my head and then added ontop why the poet wrote this and so on describing the story behind it.

I also did this for my music as level, recorded myself speaking about the set work, and then cutting and editing into the parts of the symphony I was talking about :)

What do you like to do in your spare time ? - be honest lol

Char <3 x

Posted: 17-05-12 17:17 by Charlotte Wilding

thank you very much for all of your tips ;[)

Posted: 17-05-12 19:47 by It's Me

Pretend your the teacher of a class and go through the whole chapter in detail explaining everyone thoroughly when your actually making it clearer to yourself

Posted: 20-05-12 07:40 by Cupcakealia

hey, basically u need to allocate yourself only 1hr on each topic a day otherwise if you exceed these time limits the information goes through one ear and out the other. Take some A5 lined cards and write down the key information out the book syou study for each of your lessons, next reciet the information on the cards to yourself for about 20 minutes-half an hour and after that the information will gradually sink into you head. DON NOT USE DIFFERENTCOLOURS FOR WRITING YOUR INFORMATION, this is a really huge mistake people make when revising if you you different colours your brain functions the information in to different segments and the information gets muddled up. Next try sume quizzes and see if you information process has worked. 2 days i garauntee you youll have learnt the whole book (well in moderation)

hope that helps, it always does for me.

Posted: 20-05-12 11:14 by Henna

I always end up having the same problem when it comes to exams!

The best things to do if you're slightly behind on your schedule for revision...

1) Re-view your work

2) Bullet point your notes and create mind maps


Past papers are the best revision tool as you can pick out your strengths and weaknesses. You can also learn from past questions which may come up again so it is always useful to do past papers as your last minute revision tool. :-)

Posted: 21-05-12 12:10 by Lily