Revision Tips,

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Here are a few tips on how i like to revise and how things help me too.

1: When revising don't listen to a radio station or anything that can distract you. Listen to classical music or something that calms you. This helps put you in the right frame of mind.

2: If possible get rid of all communication to the outside world; such as turning phones off or silent, get rid of internet connections. This will stop you being distracted.

3: Make a simple timetable for that day you are currently on. 

4: Try to keep everything balanced, maybe do an hour of revision have a break and do a bit of coursework or test your self.

5: When  having breaks have a drink of water and go for a walk, this helps keep your mind refreshed and clear for when you start again.

6: Stay calm and start revising way in advance.

7: Lastly have a break once in a while, go out with friends at the end of the day your still young.

Hope I've helped (sorta) and good luck with revision and stay positive and keep smiling. :)

Posted: 12-04-12 19:04 by Chloe-may

These are good thanks. With the timetable tip, I find it's easier if I just follow my normal school/college timetable for that day. That way I get a balanced day of revision and I'm not having to worry about having sort out a good revision timetable :) **

Posted: 12-04-12 19:06 by Alice Clare

Glad i was able to help :), Good luck **

Posted: 14-04-12 12:20 by Chloe-may

These are really good thanks! The only one I don't agree with is number one, I find it better if I listen to music that I like because it helps me concentrate, but I need to already know the song otherwise I focus on trying to learn the lyrics instead :P So I've made a revision playlist now :)

Posted: 14-04-12 21:15 by LaurenE