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can someone tell me how you revise? do you have any techniques that are useful in remembering stuff???

Posted: 16-05-12 21:21 by Sarika:)

It's really specific to the person. Personally, I find making loads of notes and lists the best way of revising, but other people don't think like that. If you're a bit more artistic doing big posters, diagrams and mind maps might help you. Get some record cards you can write key facts on or questions and answers on. If you're revising for something like Maths or Physics, doing lots of practice questions is important. See if you can get hold of some past papers or do any questions you haven't done yet in your textbooks.

Posted: 17-05-12 00:08 by Vortexology

I find that being riduclous at time help. Making weird song that would stick in your head helps. And if your an active person it would also help to try a sport that you can apply what you've learnt to. For me , mind map and revision cards help but I find that if you fijnd a nice poster and stick things around your house you'll unknowingly memorise some notes. Also, just apply what you leanr like common sense to all your lesson.

Posted: 17-05-12 09:01 by Christy


Posted: 18-05-12 12:02 by Chloe B

LOL that's wat i did:D

Posted: 18-05-12 18:34 by Sarika:)

Stick post-it notes all over the house with key words. Then, walk around and try to say a definition out loud.

Posted: 18-05-12 20:23 by Savannah