Revision Techniques

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Here is the board for all to put there own revision techniques

Posted: 07-05-09 10:43 by Matthew

My revsion techniques is top on the last day before the exam you do 15 minutes revision have a 15 minute break do 15 minute revsion for each topic.But you do need to revise a bit before the evening before yoiur exam.Also stat positive and also to stay calm I used thius for my french speaking and I got the higest C you can in foundation so it cant be a bad technique.

Posted: 07-05-09 10:47 by Matthew

that is a good idea! shall try to do that (im not very good at concentrating you see, the 15min break can be an insentive haha)


i usually try and read over the revision guide first to get my head around the little bits of information (that 1 mark question could make the difference between a C and a B you never know!) and then do a past paper and see what i get. then i will focus on the topics that are causing the most grief, do another past paper, and see what else i could do to sort out the problems (repeating this step numerous times). then, it would be just general revision going on different revision sites and doing different quizzes until the big day!

Posted: 09-01-11 17:05 by meg

I will go over my own notes and notes in the nextbook I will then summarise my notes and make them really colourful by writing them in different colours and using highlighters. I make sure that the harder or more important topics stand out. I then get someone to test me on my notes and then answer practice questions and see where I 'm going wrong.

Posted: 22-08-12 16:39 by Alice Deane

I usually read 2-4 pages in my revision guide, then make notes from them, then I make a resource on gr and then I do a past paper or a few questions from a past paper, the next day I'll spend 5 mins reading over the notes I made the day before. I'll know if this works tomarrow!

Posted: 22-08-12 18:25 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

also for case studies, I make sheets of facts on them and then I mindmap each one several times over.

Posted: 22-08-12 18:27 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR