Revision suggestions for improving timing, in essay-based exams

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I'm a Maths, Geography and English lit A level student, and I have always had timing issues with english lit and geography particularly- I bet others do too with written exams! So please post your suggestions/methods :)

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Posted: 14-05-12 14:32 by Jessica Katherine Fletcher

you could allocate yourself a certain amount of time for each question, say a question is worth 10 marks and the paper is out of say 45 and you hav 45 minutes to complete the paper you could spend a minute on each mark... revise thoroughly and keep doing loads of past papers to get the timing right.... that usually helps me with my gcse history.... i do loads of papers and time myself to see how far i can get in a certain time limit.. hope that helps....

Posted: 14-05-12 14:41 by Muzz :P

Gah, I hate essay subjects. I take Media, English, Sociology and Psychology.
That's 2 50 mark essays, a 45 mark, a 30 mark, 2 24 markers and a 12 mark :/

All I can suggest is looking a model answers and learning them, or make a really detailed essay plan including what you DEFINITELY need to include if you start running out of time, and what you won't really lose marks for if you don't have time to include it. 

Also with timing, if questions are worth the same amount of time on both questions, if you haven't finished with one, move on anyway, you might be able to come back to it later. Or if they're worth different amounts of marks, spending that number of minutes on the question :)

Hope it helps, and good luck with your exams! 

Posted: 16-05-12 14:39 by Beth

Thank you both very much for your suggestions! And "Beth", I so understand how you feel!! Essay questions ****, I think geography is the worst for me- I have heard psychology is a particularly tricky paper though            

Posted: 16-05-12 19:51 by Jessica Katherine Fletcher

Forget about having neat writing, that's always my biggest downfall. Don't allow yourself to go over the amount of time you have for each question otherwise you will never finish. Say the paper is two minutes per mark and you have a 10 mark question. Don't spend over 20 minutes on it, you won't have enough time! They're my main tips really, once I started doing these I was fine ***

Posted: 16-05-12 20:55 by Former Member

always allocate yourself a spare 5 or 10 minutes at the end of the exam. This gives your room for have a slight margin on the longer questions and means that if you do end up leaving a question as your run out of time you'll have some time to go back at the end.

Posted: 17-05-12 23:02 by Rebecca Pinder