Sorting Revision Resources

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I think that the resources for revision should be sorted into GCSE or AS/A Level and then into each subject (a bit like the discussion forums) and then into each exam board as this would make it easier to find sources that are relevent instead of just using the search tool.

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Posted: 31-05-12 17:07 by Sophie

that's a really good idea!!

Posted: 31-05-12 17:21 by Georgia

Thanks - It would make it much easier to find resources which you know are relevent to the subject and the exam board you are doing instead of trying to narrow it down after you have searched.

Posted: 31-05-12 19:16 by Sophie

-similar to the way in which things are sorted on SamLearning, it makes finding what you want really quick and easy :)

Posted: 02-06-12 18:05 by Neon