Revision PLEASE HELP!!

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What are the best ways to revise? Also, is it enough to just learn what is in the revision guide for GCSE exams?

Thank you! 

Posted: 26-02-12 18:57 by Little Miss Chatterbox

Hi :D

When i was doing my GCSE's ((((seems like a million years ago))) I used to revise by reading my revision guides.... I thought it really helped :D (((when i was doing my physics 1a and 1b exams in year 10, i read my revision guide over and over and got and an A* and A :D)))

But you could always use other methods like making revision cards, mind maps, etc..

Hope this helped :)

Posted: 27-02-12 09:43 by Fyzah :p

Thank you x :)

Posted: 27-02-12 16:39 by Little Miss Chatterbox

You're welcome ^-^

Posted: 28-02-12 11:28 by Fyzah :p

When i was doing Gcse i would revise from revistion books and from my notes. The best way my teachers told me to revise was to be creative for example i made lots of spider  digrams , catoon scripts (even though i am not good at art) games etc and i would stick them up around my room , so that i can read them. I would also find vidoes on youtube that might help me remeber things more and it also helped make revition more intressting, Another thing that i did , was i went through the revistion guide and highlighted the things i didnt know in red and think that i sort of no in yelllow and on the red pages i put a clip on the top of the page , to remind me that i need to look at these more. If you are doing Gcse Bitsizes was a life saver because it explains things really well and has all the topics you need( to bad they dont have one for A level).  Test papers are also really useful because it can tell you the things you need to improve on it also helps you know what they look like , which carms you down for your exams , ask your teacher for some papers and get them to mark them for you they wont mind and they might even go through stuff with you that you arnt to sure on and give you extra revistion sheets and tips.

Hope this helps ***

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Posted: 04-03-12 10:31 by Kristy

Thank you for your help :) **

Posted: 04-03-12 10:41 by Little Miss Chatterbox

No problem and Good luck in all your exams **

Posted: 04-03-12 12:41 by Kristy

My teacher has given me lots of ways on how to revise for religous studies but the techniques can work with any subject, you just have to adapt them.

The first one is Jenga, basically you put a sticker with a nuber on it on every block, then create a sheet of questions to match up with the ones on the block. So evry time you pull out a block you are testing yourself while playing jengs.

Another is using A3 mindmaps, they have been amazing as it gets all your information down on one piece of paper, plus you can have colours and pictures which make it so much more interesting.

And finaly revision cards/question cards- you can use these to write questions on one side and the answers on the other so friends and family can test you, or just test yourself.

Hope you find these helpful


Posted: 04-03-12 13:18 by Mia

that jenga thing is amazing :D

Thanks Mia.... i need to but me some jenga stuff ;)

Posted: 05-03-12 10:54 by Fyzah :p

Just do it. Easy as that.

Posted: 05-03-12 17:52 by Oluwafisayo Alasi

Thank you Mia...I appreciate your reply! I will definitely try the Jenga idea!! **

Posted: 05-03-12 19:56 by Little Miss Chatterbox