Revision - is it a lifestyle, or just doing it?

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So to revise, can you get away with doing an hour a day, or do you have to put your heart into it to get the good grades? Are the people who do well in anything manage to do it from putting a bit of work into it, or do they strive to succeed, revising hours everyday to get the grades they want?

I'm like all of you; trying to get myself some decent grades, but at the same time I don't want to become the classic nerd. I want to enjoy my life, doing what I love to do. So I have the choice - work hard and get the grades I want, spending days revising for my exams, instead of hanging out with my friends - or simply enjoy life. Do grades detemine my life, or do I determine my life? Will becoming a Doctor make me enjoy life?  

Is getting the grades you want really that important that you're willing to spend your life to reach it. Yes! So I'm here to tell you if you really want to do well, you need to put the time in, like how you would if you wanted to get fit or anything like that.

So spend these days ding well now, using your time to research the subjects you're doing, and you will do well. Is getting good dradesa lifestyle where you work hard, and become so passionate about your subjects that you look at them even in your free time? Yes it is. To do well in anyting you need to use your free-time. There is just no way at getting good at anything, unless you work at it.

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Work hard! But working hard does not mean you cannot go out with friends at all. For example, you could work all during the day and go out in the evening. Or Work very hard during the week and not go out until the weekend. However if you decide to go out a lot, make sure you make up for this when you are not with friends. But you do need to work hard in order to do well. :S

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I usually work for about 2 hours a day and that leaves me with plenty of time to enjoy life

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