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i struggle to revise, ive tried writing out notes ect. but what works best for you? have you got any new good ideas? please share them?

Posted: 11-06-12 17:23 by Zoe

Normally I go through a textbook and class notes and I make my own fresh notes (in my own words) on index cards. I love index cards because you can summarise things perfectly on them and you can use colour or whatever helps to make them as useful as possible. I sometimes pull them out at the bus-stop or on the bus and they make for a really cool, quick and simple on-the-go revision resource. 

As well as this try to do past papers, they are SO helpful. You can see exactly what the examiner wants you to put and bear that in mind for next time. There are only so many things that the examiner can ask you and so it's good to do lots of practise papers to prepare yourself.

Try making mind-maps too, I use them as a finalising piece of revision; when I'm confident I know everything I make my own mind-maps from memory and they allow me to see if there are any gaps in my knowledge.

Something new which I have been loving in this study leave is whiteboards! My parents bought me a whiteboard not so long ago and it stays in my room. I use different colours to write down things I am unsure of, or things which I may forget and this way I see the whiteboard every day. Within 2 days I can recite what it says on there off by heart because I always see it when I walk into my room! Try to get a medium sized whiteboard, not just a show-me whiteboard (they are way too small!).

Watch videos for things like History and R.S., they are fun to watch and it won't feel strenuous at all, but you don't realise you are learning and improving your knowledge at the same time.

Above all, don't pile it on yourself or think it is way too hard, treat it like it's enjoyable and it will come in your stride :)

Remember, "memory is the residue that thinking leaves behind", you remember song lyrics right? well that's because you think about them and you listen to the message behind them, so try and think as hard as you can about what you are learning.

Don't panic, if one method doesn't work, try another one- there are so many out there!

Good luck ^_^

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Posted: 11-06-12 18:14 by Nuha