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Hey, does anyone have any good revision techniques/ methods that you find helpful?

Posted: 16-09-09 14:31 by Kinsy

may be you should have revision timetable,

and be somewhere where you know its going to be quiet so you can prevent further distraction whether is a library or your study

have everything there with you like something to write with and spare paper to do working out

and have breaks and mostly have fruits in these breaks. It is good for you

Posted: 18-09-09 21:40 by Broken Rose

I've tried everyhing. Whats sort of things do you guys do?
Anything to improve memory/ recall?

Posted: 19-09-09 09:46 by Kinsy

well i gues you could time yourself and write a list of things you find difficult and try to get them up in your head, this is an idea i haven't tried but you might want to so record your voice as you read a revision guide out and just listen to it after !

hope it works

Posted: 07-10-09 16:57 by Shiny

for more revision help you should check out:

Hints and tips for the perfect marks

Uploaded: Wed 29th April, 2009 @ 18:29 by Charli Abraham

This resource is tagged as being relevant to All Levels Revision Skills

Posted: 07-10-09 17:18 by Shiny

thanks!! i'll see if it works

are you wanting to do a medic profession?

Posted: 08-10-09 17:04 by Kinsy