Revising for Bio 5 AQA?

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OK, so I'm retaking this in June coming up to get into university in the Autumn - has anyone here started revising/wants to start a study group or something? ^_^;

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Posted: 18-03-13 20:34 by Ronnie

I'm taking this for the first time in june. is it really difficult, especially the synoptic essay? what do you need for university? i don't mind having a special study group. . . :-)

Posted: 18-03-13 23:01 by Sarah Green

I'm in the same position as you Ronnie. It probably would be helpful :)
I have started revising bits and pieces 

Posted: 19-03-13 15:15 by Rozie

@ Sarah Green - Nah I wouldn't it say was difficult per se, chapter 16's a bit of nasty one imo but as long as you're cool on that and the ch10 nerve impulse, action potential stuff - you should be fine :D

The synoptic's not too bad, just try and get in as much practice doing them as you can before the exam - you dont wanna run out of time like I did LOL >_<

@ Rozie - that'd be great if still you want to do this? I'm just slowly working through the chapters in the book one at a time right now :)

Posted: 19-03-13 20:13 by Ronnie

hey! im doing the exam in june too, i know revising for unit 5 can be hard, but once you get it down on paper, maybe bullet points, flow diagrams, mind maps, it becomes much clearer and easier to revise. Unit 5 is mostly knowledge based, especially the gene expression topics and most mark schemes are similar so look out for that! It would be good to make a study group!

Posted: 19-03-13 20:36 by Kavita :)

^ second that about the mindmaps etc Kavita :) That'd be great!

I think I'm gonna set this up pretty soon, end of the week latest maybe and start from there? I'm not sure if you guys are taking any other exams in june as well or how often you guys are online etc etc but yeah!

Posted: 21-03-13 16:39 by Ronnie

i do edexcel maths, and aqa history too! but yeah let me know when you set it up so i can join, and it would be good to share resources, ideas and questions. I log on regularly to check for any updates so that wont be an issue! :)

Posted: 22-03-13 20:30 by Kavita :)

Ah OK. I'm also doing OCR Salters Chemistry and OCR MEI Maths ^^; Alright - I'm gonna go try and set the thread up now and I'll send you and Rozie a PM (does this site have private messaging?? :S) to say it's up and I'll post you both a link to it so we can get going! X3

Posted: 24-03-13 22:48 by Ronnie

Hi there,

I'd be really interested in joining a BIOL4 study group, if it's still going? I'm taking it for the first time in June and so nervous! xD 

Posted: 27-03-13 11:40 by Katie

hey! i dont know for biol4, but if yu want help on questions or revising tips just inbox me cause i tool the exam in jan :)

Posted: 30-03-13 19:02 by Kavita :)

Same as Kavita for me too Katie ^^

((Also the group's up now, i dunno if people are still having trouble etc - if they are PM and I'll try fix it :D Here's the link if anyone else's interested: ))

Posted: 02-04-13 12:47 by Ronnie

Katie wrote:

Hi there,

I'd be really interested in joining a BIOL4 study group, if it's still going? I'm taking it for the first time in June and so nervous! xD 

Posted: 04-04-13 22:40 by tina