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How do I revise maths? I have a core 1 exam in January and I don't really understand some of it, and I've forgotten nearly everything I learnt last month! I really want to do well on this exam but I feel like I won't :(

Posted: 01-11-12 17:34 by Joanne

Past papers, maybe ask your teacher to put past paper questions of the same topic togetheer so you can work through them.. learn the method and youll be fine vet.! x

Posted: 01-11-12 17:37 by Edward Pinches

heyy ive got da same problem i dont understand anything im doing in core 1 eiva

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Posted: 01-11-12 17:43 by Waqar Khanny :)

Aha thanks! And yeah core 1 is confusing! Especially differentiation :O

Posted: 01-11-12 18:16 by Joanne

if core 1 iz dis hard im dreadin core 2, 3 nd 4 :(

Posted: 01-11-12 18:18 by Waqar Khanny :)

Don't remind me!! 

Posted: 01-11-12 18:29 by Joanne

haha lol XDD

Posted: 01-11-12 18:30 by Waqar Khanny :)

just go over the methods. the more u practise, the easier it gets. keep doing more past papers and get help of ur teachers thats wat theyre there for :)

Posted: 03-11-12 22:27 by Nikkii

when i revised for maths i just went over every method we did from the notes i made from class. I did some practice questions from my text book and then past papers, the key is to practice. closer to the time all i did for maths was past papers, and it worked, I got an A

Posted: 04-11-12 09:51 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I am doing GCSE maths at the moment and i am in high school. Ask your teacher if there are any websites you could use to memorise the methods. I use, which has videos and questions that you can anwser to help you out and it helps me to memorise techniques for my exams.

Posted: 04-11-12 21:28 by Farah