Retake or not?

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I am currently doing English literature aqa gcse.  last year (in yr 10) my class did 2 tasks for "The significance of Shakespeare and the English Literary Heritage" which is basically a task comparing romeo and juliet and wuthering heights. My tacher marked one of the tasks and i basically approched in completely wrong and ended up gettin 24/40 - the worst ive EVER gotten in english. The problem is my teacher is offering us one more chance to do this part of eng lit BUT she said she wont give us the marks for the second task. That means i may have gotten really good in the secnd one and would waste 4 hours of writing and lots of prep time to do something that ive already gotten good in. However if i decide NOT to do it, i might have gotten bad in the second one too :/ ive even forgotten the main themes/ideas in both books :( help please

Yeah, aiming for an A* esp as i wna do eng lit at A level

Posted Sat 24th March, 2012 @ 18:46 by Lamise Hassan
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I think this really depends on what kind of grade you want/are expecting for english, as that mark is a C grade, so if you are aiming for a B, then you could probably get away with not retaking it. However, if you are aiming for an A/A*, then retaking would probably be best.

Personally, if I were you, I would retake, because if you end up getting a much better mark, then you will be glad that you did, and wouldn't see the 4 hours and extra preparation time as time wasted. Saying this, you should also bear in mind if you have any other exams/assesments/revision to do at the time that you would be retaking.

Hope this helps with your descision :)

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Answered Sat 24th March, 2012 @ 20:09 by Jenny
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I would personally retake too. Because if you retake and you get a lower grade than the first time it doesnt make your overall grade worse because they stick with the highest one. So you can do better. I did retakes of 3 exams in January that I had received Us in and managed to get them to Cs so it is worth a try.

Answered Wed 28th March, 2012 @ 21:51 by Kerry
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Thanks for the advice :) i retook it today and my teacher seemed really positive about it! hope  get good!!

Answered Fri 30th March, 2012 @ 22:19 by Lamise Hassan