Results Day Thursday

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The horrible moment when you look at the section with the grades .... butterflies....

Posted: 05-03-12 19:25 by Abitracey


Last year everyone looked at the wrong section where it had a column that had loads of B's in it..... we were all disapointed when we found out those weren't our grades :/


Posted: 05-03-12 21:44 by Fyzah :p

i cant wait...

Posted: 06-03-12 16:36 by Gabby Tracey

lmfao Fyzah!!! we had that too...we all looked down the column of U's and got shocked until we realised that those Us represented something else lol..

Posted: 06-03-12 21:24 by M

lol XD

At least you didn't get disappointed when you saw your real grade :p

Posted: 08-03-12 08:49 by Fyzah :p

HA!! but I did....I was devastated when I got I took a nap.

Posted: 09-03-12 17:02 by M

awww :3 M that's the story of my life :p

forever tired xD

Posted: 10-03-12 21:14 by Fyzah :p

SAME! * high five * i jus need a break from a-levels man!

Posted: 11-03-12 21:45 by M

The thing I always do when I'm upset: meditate :) Love it. What did you guys get?

Posted: 11-03-12 22:34 by Oliver

high fives Agent M back

((i gonna keep calling you agent M :p))

anyway Oliver, i got a B in psychology (whoop whoop) a C in scoiology :( and a U in biology D': (lol :p)

what about you? ^_^

Posted: 12-03-12 11:42 by Fyzah :p

yes i want you to call me agent M ;) ill call u F coz i call ppl by their initials nowadays..

Posted: 12-03-12 17:39 by M

okay, Agent M ;)

Posted: 13-03-12 11:34 by Fyzah :p