Results day

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i'm not gonna lie... i think most y11s are really scared about results day tomorrow and i'm one of 'em, however i'm also kinda exicted about it because i've put in so much effort so hopefully i come out with all the right grades to get into sixth form fingers crossed :D

Posted: 22-08-12 13:33 by franc

We know exactly how you and thousands of others feel. Let's hope you get what you deserve - a great set of results to set you up for the future.

Posted: 22-08-12 14:09 by Pete Langley - Get Revising founder

im going 9:30 even tho its a time when all my friends are but id rather see them then wait

Posted: 22-08-12 15:16 by Lamise Hassan

I'm meeting friends at 9am to get them, then we are going out to celebrate, if all goes well

Posted: 22-08-12 18:14 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Good Luck to all you lot getting your results!!!! I was in the same position last year and I was a nervous wreck but it all turned out fine.

I got my AS results last week but was on holiday when they came out so had to wait even longer. I think I was more nervous for my AS results than GCSE as they are what I will apply to uni with.

Anyway Im sure you will all be fine especially as this website has been such good help with revision!

Posted: 22-08-12 19:51 by Sophie