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Results day is tommorrow...

Posted: 10-03-10 18:01 by RATM33

i know! So nervous!

im getting my geography result then too so fingers crossed

i hoper everytinh goes well for you!

Posted: 10-03-10 19:51 by I P B

ooooh really?

lol, looking back on it, i think i really flopped biology =(

Good luck to you **

Posted: 10-03-10 20:28 by RATM33

good luck to you too ***

i think i did bad in biology and physics

Posted: 10-03-10 21:22 by I P B

lol, that proved us wrong

A*'s =D

Posted: 12-03-10 19:12 by RATM33

yeah, i think we deserve it :D i guess i have to try do the same for unit 3.

How was your physics ISA?

Posted: 12-03-10 21:30 by I P B

It went well, but then again, i don't know how the phys teacher is gonna mark it =|, i need 77% to get an A* in phys overall

thanks for asking =)

yep, dw unit 3 is much easier than it looks

Posted: 13-03-10 15:23 by RATM33

well i hope you get that A*

Unit 3 is really hard! im going to ahve to start properly learning it soon, so im not in a mad rush like last time

Posted: 13-03-10 15:26 by I P B