Resources for younger students

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There should be a seperate get revising for younger students. My sister is in year 8 and is always complaining that she doesn't understand something.

I think there should be a junior getrevising


Posted: 06-06-12 15:39 by Georgia

I agree but do you think many people will join it at a younger age?

Posted: 06-06-12 15:43 by Dilly


Posted: 06-06-12 15:44 by Muzz :P

There are so many kids who really care about there education. It would be for children aged 11-14!!

Posted: 06-06-12 16:11 by Georgia

I am not saying they don't care about their education! I'm just saying that I think most people use this website as a way of revising rather than learning new things. Thats what I do! Younger kids could just type their questions into google and they would get an answer. I don't think there's a need for a website like this for younger kids.

Posted: 06-06-12 18:04 by Dilly

I agree with what Dilly is saying but I think it would be a good idea for 11-14yr olds to have a revision resource like this as it is very useful and you can get answers to questions you ask almost instantly. I have a younger brother who would use the resources for revision purposes if the facility was availiable.

Posted: 06-06-12 19:12 by Muzz :P