Resetting tomorrow anyone?

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I'm refitting unit 1 tomorrow edexcel, anyone else doing similar?

Doing Russia option D if any AS students have any questions

Posted: 15-01-13 21:17 by Alice

Hey! :) I'm resitting as well and doing Tsarist Russia. I'm on the AQA board though! :( 

Good luck tomorrow! :) xxxxxx

Posted: 15-01-13 21:47 by Z95

Good luck to you too! I did aqa gsce prefer it so much to edexcel!

Posted: 15-01-13 21:48 by Alice

Thanks! :)

Yeah I was on the AQA board as well for GCSE and looking back I quite enjoyed the topics we studied! I hate Tsarist Russia though! What topics did you do for AS? :)  

Posted: 15-01-13 21:53 by Z95

Tsarist Russia and warfare in Britain up until and including ww1 think we started with the boer war

Posted: 15-01-13 21:54 by Alice

Cool :) 

We did the Civil Rights Movement in 1950s/60s USA instead of Britiain. :) 

I'm kind of dreading the exam tomorrow. :/  

Posted: 15-01-13 21:59 by Z95

It'll be fine :)

Posted: 15-01-13 22:01 by Alice

Aww thanks!! :) xxxxx

Posted: 15-01-13 22:30 by Z95