research methods and crime and deviance

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Hi. I'm really struggling on the "methods in context" part of the exam, where you have to appply your knowledge and understanding of sociological research to crime and deviance.

My tutor has given me past exam questions to try to help me. In particular I'm struggling with this one "assess the strengths and limitations of overt participant observation as a means of investigating police attitudes".

I was just wondering if anyone could help me? Does anyone else have a difficulty with this section too?

Posted: 10-05-11 23:29 by Kate

a good way of assessing a theory method is by going through this list we were given we remember it as RRV PETT which stands for 

R reliability

R representive

V validity 

P practicality 

E ethical issues

T Theoretical 

T Triangulation 

Basically if you go through each one, for example for your questions. Its not reliable or its not representative. However its valid. And so on... 

Posted: 17-05-11 21:25 by Hannah

instead of hannah's one use

P ractical

E thical

R eliable

V alid

E thnocentric

R epresentative

T heoretical/triangulation

Posted: 09-06-11 23:16 by Tiffany