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Since the exams are really close now, I thought we could have a forum where we ask eachother to upload a scan or picuter or a few quick notes or something about a certain topic. Nothing has to be huge, but just some quick scans from a revision guide or something could be of a great use to all!

Posted: 29-12-09 18:11 by I P B

Inheritance, coming right up. Sorry if it takes me a while to upload, it'll be up probably by tomorrow

Posted: 29-12-09 18:13 by RATM33

Thanks RATM33, there is no rush, just as information :D

I do have a revision guide for unit 3 too if you want anything form there, i knonw you are ahead of me XD

Posted: 29-12-09 18:14 by I P B

Thanks, I might take you up on that soon :)

Congrats for topping the top rated member chart!

(round of appluase)

Posted: 29-12-09 18:20 by RATM33


and thanks XD hadnt noticed

but i dont have that many, people have like 2000!

Posted: 29-12-09 18:26 by I P B

yeah XD but i think we are both doing great :D

Posted: 29-12-09 18:42 by I P B

Genetic Diagrams -

There was a couple of pages before that about cell division and dna, if you needed that

Posted: 30-12-09 18:34 by RATM33

thats eprfect, thankyou!

Posted: 30-12-09 21:24 by I P B

yeah sure i do not mind just tell me whta to scan or anything..and i do not mind doing it!!..XD dnt m,ind helping¬!

Posted: 30-12-09 22:00 by Tania

Happy New Year everyone :)

Posted: 31-12-09 19:38 by RATM33

happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a fab year!!!!!!

Posted: 31-12-09 22:36 by Tania

Happy new year everyone :D

Posted: 04-01-10 16:32 by I P B

SNOW! got 2 days off school so far hehe

1 week til biology, hows everyone doing so far?

Posted: 07-01-10 10:00 by RATM33

I know, me too XD

Usually i would be over the moon, but im missing all my science lessons :( gotta do it myself XD

Biology is hard, have to try doing inheritance myself, but think am doing ok

am going to aks my sister to test me now XD

Posted: 07-01-10 11:39 by I P B

I know omg where i am lving is all ice and it rteally hard but we still got school cos the yr 11 has to go cos of their but i think i am getting the hang of it!!!

another 2 or 3 weeks till my science exam so yeah but physics is killing me i think i am getting there!!!

Posted: 07-01-10 17:31 by Tania

aaaw, we get the days off XD physics and biology are really hard

Posted: 07-01-10 17:34 by I P B

Lol...well you guys are luck aren't you then?....well good luck with all your revision!!!

Posted: 07-01-10 17:54 by Tania

lol, on wednesday, we had to go into school, and i have double chemistry before lunch and double bio after, but the school sent everyone home before lunch, meaning that i missed my double bio, which was the only useful science lesson as my chem teacher is useless =(

yeah, im finding phys REAL hard asl, and i was meant to have a double lesson today asl

did you guys hear that they might cancel the GCSE's and A-levels if theres more snow, so we might have to do our bio exam in May/June =O

i guess its cool that we get more time to revise, but if my total grade isnt gd then i wont get enough time to resit any...

Posted: 08-01-10 18:22 by RATM33

OMG i know i heard my older sister friend uni exams might get cancelled as well..omg thats would be bad if it does cos i really working hard to get the grades i want!

Looool.......but on the other hand it woudl be great cos we have more time to revise but i do want to cancell because we have other subjects to reivse for as well which is annoying!!!

please no more snow!!! its giving me a headache!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 08-01-10 18:37 by Tania

yeah lol, i get enough stress from these exams :@

i really need help with phys and all the motor effect and transformer stuff and i need to get to school lol

Posted: 08-01-10 18:49 by RATM33

Yeah i will totally agree with you there.....same i need help as well although i hate physics i need to do well in that subject!

however i need to make sure that i get enough time to revise these topics!

Posted: 08-01-10 19:12 by Tania

yeah beucase i have to go over all of bio and learn a bit extra asl by thurs, then go over chem and phys as i would only have 2 days to go over phys beucase its like 2 days after chem

Posted: 08-01-10 19:20 by RATM33

yeah same cos i am doing bio now then i was thinking to do chem and phy and my stupid history tecaher gave us hmk to do and its a exam apper and we have to do that in 45 min and its like source based question which is really irritating because then it will go into my revision time!!..:@

Posted: 08-01-10 19:27 by Tania

yeah, i have to do some ICT stuff, and i got oliver twist research AND othello coursework to do for engish ARGHHHHH :@@@@@

Posted: 08-01-10 20:08 by RATM33

Lool.....see the tyecaher do not understnad we have exam in aonther 2 or 3 weeks time!!!!!

Posted: 08-01-10 20:16 by Tania