Reminder - A2

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Remember to download your podcasts for review. Remember to upload your notes onto the study group for your own podcast. Banisha was first to log in = 200 points.

Posted: 20-11-09 16:38 by Mike McNicholas

upload our notes to make a podcast? or are we making podcasts in lesson ?

Posted: 20-11-09 16:42 by Adam Helstrip

Please note Mr Helstrip that this notice only applies to the A2 students - your podcast attempt will come soon!

You have achieved 200 points though!

Posted: 23-11-09 22:59 by Mike McNicholas

testing on Tuesday am (Get Revising admin)

Posted: 01-12-09 09:01 by Adam Helstrip

i still only have 26 points where are these 200 you said i had sir ? :)

Posted: 13-12-09 23:29 by Adam Helstrip