Remembering names and studies!!!!

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does anybody have any tips on how to remember the many, many names of sociologists, their studies and the year it was done in?????

I need HELP!!


Posted: 16-04-11 14:05 by Melissa Kingscott

As far as my teacher told me, you DON'T have to remember the year that the study was conducted!

Posted: 17-04-11 18:40 by mev

Still need to remember the names though!!! lol


Posted: 18-04-11 22:38 by Melissa Kingscott

Hmmm .. Well make posters about one topic and write all about it including the studies, highlight it and stuff and keep reading over it. I do law as well as Sociology and i got like 70 cases to remember! i know most of them through sound cuz my teacher always mentions their names so it sticks in. So keep reading it out loud then it should hopefully stick in. Other than that, look at the name, try to link it to something . e.g. Stacey's study,, if you got a friend called Stacey then link that bit of information to her ... let me know if that helped? =) x

Posted: 20-04-11 14:03 by mev

Cheers, I'll try that and let you know!!!! **

Posted: 20-04-11 15:35 by Melissa Kingscott

you should know about 3 for each topic for example 3 for domestic violence and 3 for domestic labour etc hope it helps x

Posted: 18-05-11 01:00 by Rumaya :)

thanks - my teacher told me that a while ago but you've just reminded me! x

Posted: 18-05-11 19:10 by Melissa Kingscott

We are going to the library tomorrow btw for socilogy :) **

Posted: 18-05-11 19:26 by Maria

Okay so most replies don't tell you what to do to remember names,but I'll tell you exactly how to...
Firstly you must revise the content, know the main points and etc so when it comes to remembering the names it's a lot easier for you and you have little work to do
Secondly find a sheet with all the names on it with the explanation on the other side
Then get a whiteboard and pen
Then draw a spider diagram with the topic in the middles and all the names around
Then in another colour in 2 or 3 words write what they talked about
For example I would write "parsons, bridge to society" or "Vincent et al, black m/c"
Then explain each name to urself out loud, what I try to do is I pretend to teach the names to someone even if nobody is there, make sure to say it out load
Then rub the whiteboard out and try writing the names again
If u can't remember use the names sheet to fill in the gaps
Do this properly and you will be able to remember all the names no problem
I did this method I learned 40 names in 2 and a half hours trust me it works !!

Posted: 16-05-17 01:22 by Fashh