red blood cells.

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if a red blood cell had no gas in it, would it be flat???

Posted: 13-05-12 15:20 by Jelly Tot

I think so since red blood cells carry oxygen around the body.

Posted: 13-05-12 15:36 by LP-FTW

I don't think that the red blood cells would be totally flat if gas was not present as haemoglobin would still be present inside the cell.... hope that helps....

Posted: 13-05-12 16:10 by Muzz :P

No... Like Muzz said.... it has haemoglobin in it which would help to retain it's shape :D

Posted: 14-05-12 12:03 by Fyzah :p

maybe this will help?  I didn't know this either but it seems to shrink a little bit when it has carbon dioxide in it

but don't necessarily trust it cos you know.. it's wikipedia

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Posted: 14-05-12 18:44 by Bomsxx

Just because it carries oxygen does not mean it would go flat. It would still keep it's shape due to the fact that it would otherwise not be able to maneuver correctly around the body. Which would be an extreme problem as it would not be able to return to the heart...

Posted: 14-05-12 19:07 by AlyssaSaurus

ask a teacher or someone who knows better. we're not experts at these things 

Posted: 16-05-12 16:47 by LP-FTW