Re-taking Maths GCSE in June 2012, there's a new GCSE what changes are there and also how are the grade boundries?

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Sitting the New GCSE Maths (June 2012), heard there's functional skills. Anyone care to explain? 

Posted Fri 25th May, 2012 @ 17:16 by mfsk

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Are you doing Edexcel Maths Linear?

Answered Fri 25th May, 2012 @ 17:27 by Nishat Ahmed
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Answered Fri 25th May, 2012 @ 17:29 by mfsk
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I'm not sure about grade boundires but the paper is similar to the old ones it still has a lot of normal quesions that simply ask you to do something but there are also some questions that are more wordy, these are the functional questions, there usually qorth more marks and you have to read the question  carefully to understand what to do. also there are qwc (quality of written comminication questions) these are marked with a (*) and are worth a lot too. They are also functional but you get marks for your spelling punctuation and how you layout your answer, they also usually involve you writing a sentance at the end of your answer to actually answer the question, it isn't good enough just to write a number. the best way to learn these types of questions is to practice. here's a link to a specimen paper of edexcel and the mark scheme.

theres not very many of these papers but if you can find some edexcel modular papers do these as they contain the same stuff as our new spec but just split into modules

Answered Fri 25th May, 2012 @ 17:36 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR
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@Maleeha they questions are more related to every day life, it has a lot of scenarios which you have to relate to. And like the above person had said they are worth more marks.
Good luck for your exam, is it higher?

Answered Fri 25th May, 2012 @ 17:41 by Nishat Ahmed
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Answered Fri 25th May, 2012 @ 17:41 by Nishat Ahmed
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I'm doing the modular paper I'm not sure if it's the same but for every exam I have done so far the grade boundaries have been:

A* 90%

A 80%

B 70%

C 60%

etc. Even if this isn't the exact grade boundaries they will be similar. Any way these are a good aim so they wouldn't be higher they could only be lower.

Good luck :)

Answered Fri 25th May, 2012 @ 18:17 by Georgia
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Yes, i'm doing the higher tier.

Thank you guys, your answers are much appreciated. 

Good luck for your exams too :') 

Also, does anyone know how much the functional skills is worth in the exam (percentage)? 

Answered Fri 25th May, 2012 @ 19:10 by mfsk
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OK I've got a B already aiming for the A/A*. 

Does anyone know how much functional skills is worth in the exam? 

Answered Sat 26th May, 2012 @ 12:06 by mfsk
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the questions vary paper to paper, but usally 4 or 5 are worth 5 - 7 marks and are functional. and a few others will be woth 3 - 4.

in our mock, though, there were loads of worded questions and i'd say as much as 80% was worded and the rest was only worth  3 marks at the most.

it seems to me that there will be algebra, circle theorems and statistics as basic questons and everything else will be hidden in the queston so you have to decide which topic it actually is. for these questons make sure you write the general formula because that usally gets you the first few marks e.g. for SOH CAH TOA or speed = distance / time

Answered Sat 26th May, 2012 @ 12:15 by ;)
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The total mark for fuctional question will be worth 20-30marks so there is no chance of leaving the fuctional question or other question if you are aiming for A/A*!!!!!

Answered Wed 30th May, 2012 @ 19:07 by Ani
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I think for linear c is usually 50% and b 60% not sure about a or a*

Answered Fri 25th May, 2012 @ 20:02 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR