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Okay so i got an A in biology and i am really happy with but should i retake to get an A* as i want to carry on with biology at A Level? would love all your opinions! :)

Posted: 23-08-12 17:40 by Layan<3

Personally I wouldn't retake. an A is really good so you should have no worries about carrying it on for alevel!! Also it is one more thing to stress about when you are doing alevels and alevels are stressful enough! Well done and I hope you were pleased with the rest of your results!

Posted: 23-08-12 20:10 by Sophie

Thank you Sophie for your opinion :) <3 i totally agree with it being stressful as all re takes are in January and that's when i have my other exams so i wasn't sure if i should take the risk!  

Posted: 23-08-12 20:17 by Layan<3

In the end its up to you but Alevels are much more important than GCSEs so its better to put all your effort into them. What other alevels are you taking?

Posted: 23-08-12 20:41 by Sophie

I wouldn't retake. An A in more than good enough for A level and it would just put extra pressure on you.

Posted: 25-08-12 18:46 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Don't retake.  much better for you to concentrate on getting good good marks in other papers. if you are doig more biology papers you may even get high enough scores to bring it up to an A*

Posted: 10-09-12 00:27 by Alex