random disscussion #2

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can you open this one Nathan?

Posted: 12-06-12 10:48 by Renn

yeah it works :)

and pineapples are yummy ..... mmmm pineapple.....

Posted: 12-06-12 10:48 by Nathan

^^good good :D

there isnt much else you can say about pineapples, actually. apart from they are yummy (and prickly) P:

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Posted: 12-06-12 10:50 by Renn

yeah. do you know how to tell if they're ripe ????

Posted: 12-06-12 10:51 by Nathan

i have NO CLUE

wow i never thought about that...

Posted: 12-06-12 10:53 by Renn

i know, the leaves on top are easier to pull out the riper they are :)

Posted: 12-06-12 10:54 by Nathan

really? i am so going to try that next time we get a pineapple....

i didnt even know you can pull out the top leaves. at home we just peel theskin off and lop its head off.

Posted: 12-06-12 10:57 by Renn

dammit i have pineapple cravings now

lets talk about something else XD

Posted: 12-06-12 10:58 by Renn

ok, a strawbery isnt a berry

Posted: 12-06-12 10:59 by Nathan

it isnt? define a berry

Posted: 12-06-12 11:01 by Renn

any fruit with more than 1 seed on the inside

Posted: 12-06-12 11:03 by Nathan

oooh... so a strawberry isnt a berry because its seeds are all on the outside

Posted: 12-06-12 11:05 by Renn

yep and neither is a raspberry or a black berry

Posted: 12-06-12 11:14 by Nathan

Because they are multiple individual fruits with one seed inside each of them?

Posted: 12-06-12 11:27 by Renn

yep, but a banana and a gooseberry are berries

Posted: 12-06-12 11:28 by Nathan

gooseberry, sure. but bannana?-----> seems weird.

heres a factoid for you: cucumber is more hydrating than water

Posted: 12-06-12 11:30 by Renn

i know, it replenishes some of the sugars and salts you need to stay hydrated which water doesnt always do :)

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Posted: 12-06-12 11:33 by Nathan

yay someone who beleives me--- and already knows, in fact :)

Posted: 12-06-12 11:40 by Renn


Posted: 12-06-12 11:41 by Nathan

:)  im gonna test you now.... i challange you to a fact contest!!

Posted: 12-06-12 11:42 by Renn


Posted: 12-06-12 11:43 by Nathan

you start

Posted: 12-06-12 11:44 by Renn

ummm... a pineapple is made up of lots of coalesced berries

Posted: 12-06-12 11:45 by Nathan

a starfish can turn its stomache inside out

mmmm pineapple

Posted: 12-06-12 11:47 by Renn

saffron are the stamen of a crocus

Posted: 12-06-12 11:48 by Nathan