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Hi i was wondering whether anyone understands radicals or has any resources that would help me understand it better?

Posted: 03-03-11 18:16 by Naheema

A radical is a molecule of atom that is a fragment of an original molecule.  An example would be an O atom thathas been split up from an O2 molecule.

There's some stuff in the 'Atmosphere' unit in Chemical Storylines and there's also some stuff in Chemical Ideas

Posted: 16-03-11 12:36 by James

Radicals are any species with an unbonded pair of electrons.

Posted: 16-03-11 12:42 by Katie

It's easier to learn about them in a given context, such as in Atmospheres, where their properties (as a result of an unbonded electron from the photodissociation of ozone or dioxygen) allow them to react easily giving rise to the continuation of the ozone cycle. It's a similar situation with DNA and cancerous mutation so either would be a good place to start. As said above, look in Storylines or Chem ideas.

Posted: 11-04-11 21:38 by Andy

Radicals are atoms with unpaired electrons which makes them really reactive.

This is really weird but I think of radicals as single people and atoms with paired electrons as married people. The ones with unpaired electrons gets upset and desperately want a wife so try and react with everything. This also helps to explain why the attack bonds :-) x

Posted: 14-05-11 14:08 by AnnaLouise

 A:B → A o + B o Produces free radicals which have an unpaired electron and are very reactive

Posted: 21-05-11 07:57 by wathma