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i made a 24 question long quiz today for everyone to revise for the AS psychology exam on monday, but it only shows 10 questions on the actual quiz, please help :L :/

Posted: 19-01-13 18:02 by memerson22

Only 10 questions show at a time for each quiz. So each time you do the quiz 10 will be selected from the 24 questions you made. This means that if you did 100s of questions, then people wouldn't spend ages answering it, instead they can do a brief 10 questions, and then do it again with different questions if they want to. 

Posted: 19-01-13 18:05 by Tilly - Team GR

yes, but i have done quizzes before with like 40 questions in one ;/

Posted: 19-01-13 18:08 by memerson22

Are you sure they weren't flashcards? cause you can do loads of questions from flashcards in one. I've done lots of quizzes and they never had more than 10 questions each time.

Posted: 19-01-13 18:10 by Tilly - Team GR

i'm pretty sure. i just did one with like 42 questions on or something. There are definitely ones out there with more on, because i have done several and they were definitely quizzes because that is what i clicked on. I haven't done anything other than quizzes on this website :/ 

Posted: 19-01-13 18:14 by memerson22

Ok well i've never heard of that but maybe there is. 

Posted: 19-01-13 18:16 by Tilly - Team GR

I can confirm that Tilly is right, when you go beyond 10 questions we select 10 at random to keep the tests fresh and reusable. This was only introduced mid 2012.

If there are some that have more questions coming up do let me know the details and I will look into it.

Do you like the rotating 10 approach?

Posted: 19-01-13 18:57 by Pete Barnes: GR Director

I like the rotating version cause then i can do quizzes over and over again without them becoming boring. Also then you cannot just learn the answers to get a good score. 

It would be good if you could have the choice of whether you do a 10 question quiz or the whole quiz.

Posted: 19-01-13 19:12 by Tilly - Team GR

yes ^ i completely agree, thanks for sorting that out. Just a sec, i will see if i can find the one with more than 10 questions

Posted: 19-01-13 19:15 by memerson22

i have found a quiz with 46 questions, not sure how this is possible, but here is the link to it :) http://getrevising.co.uk/revision-tests/biological_psychology_stress_3?game_type=quiz

Posted: 19-01-13 19:20 by memerson22

Oh yeah. That's strange - maybe it was made before the 10 question quiz happened and never got updated. :)

Posted: 19-01-13 19:57 by Tilly - Team GR