Quite a few resources are incorrect- there should be a way of getting this sorted

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I've been doing some of the quizzes for fun and looking through them and other resourcs and it's annoying to see people have made resources and made several significant mistakes.
/i think it would be beneficial if you could alert the admins so they could sort out the resources, instruct the author to or delete them?

/learning the wrong thing is as bad as doing no revision at all! 

Posted: 15-09-12 01:22 by Alex

Yes, good point - we are aware of this. Moderators try to rate the resources but we can't be experts in every subject. We are planning to have a 'report' button for users when they find something wrong. Also some ways of sifting our very best resources.

Please could everyone contact us when they find something wrong?

Posted: 16-09-12 11:45 by Pete Langley - Get Revising founder

do you want people to contact using the current report misuse button?

Posted: 16-09-12 20:06 by Alex

if i came with something(which in many cases did)  that contained a mistake in it, i would comment on the item saying "xyz is incorrect, but its actually abc" and wouldn`t rate it as useful...but its always useful to address mistakes:)

Posted: 16-09-12 21:06 by ELectrica!

Leah Summers totally agree

Posted: 16-09-12 21:08 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I do that as well, the on;y problem is it stays up for other users to use. others who don't look at the comments so don't realize so may learn the wrong thing:/

Posted: 16-09-12 21:08 by Alex

...hmm so its better if someone i.e. a teacher/GR admin should look at the accuracy of the content a GR student uploads...yeah i agree :)

Posted: 16-09-12 21:11 by ELectrica!

thats why a button as the admin above suggested would be good - it identifies the problem (the reporter can include detail in report) and the admin can change/delete/sort it.
I think they're looked at already but it would take ages if you aren't already knowledgeable in a subject to check.

Posted: 16-09-12 21:13 by Alex

@Alex ...i agree! i hate writing on the comments that "abc is wrong"...it makes me sound rude/arogent/brute to the person that has uploaded for the sake of helping others with their work/revision

btw if you dont mind me asking....your profile picture has a horse on it...it makes me curoius why do you have a picture  of a horse as your profile picture? 

Posted: 16-09-12 21:21 by ELectrica!

yeh, i feel the same:/

Thats weird, i was actually thinkign 5 minutes ago that i should change it:P
It's a picture of my horse, Dancer:) 

Posted: 16-09-12 21:23 by Alex

oh, preety cool horse... i like horses only i cant really ride on one 

dancer?...your horse dances by any chance? 

Posted: 16-09-12 21:29 by ELectrica!

You should give it a go when you can, it's fun! :)

He doesn't dance as such, he just gets scared of things and jumps around like he's dancing:P 

Posted: 16-09-12 21:31 by Alex

cool...at first ,i thought your horse was called alex...lol!

Posted: 16-09-12 21:34 by ELectrica!

:L nahhh, there i changed it so you won't get confused:P that photo was taken today:)

Posted: 16-09-12 21:42 by Alex