Quick method to learn poems

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Answer: YouTube. 

Literally, if you're practically dying because you don't know the poetry from other cultures, watch them online!

Go on YouTube and type in helpmemrdavies , admittedly he doesn't go over all the poems but the ones he does are brilliant!

Posted: 15-05-11 16:45 by Keri Moorhouse

Also, make postcards for each one :)

On the address side, write quotes :)

On the message side, write a summary of the poem / what teqniques it has / structure / culture etc that it has :)

Posted: 16-05-11 20:44 by Emma

Heyy, i have posted a word document on poems, it is simple and easy to help you remember the techniques. I hope it helps :)

Posted: 17-05-11 11:22 by Kavita :)