push notifications?

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when you start a discussion or post on a discussion they just tell you when someone replies, like facebook. That way we can have instant feedback and wont have to keep checking for replies!

Posted: 31-05-12 11:55 by lol

ohh great idea! like instead of emailing can a notificaion come up

Posted: 31-05-12 12:26 by Lamise Hassan

that would be very useful

Posted: 31-05-12 13:16 by Nathan

yeah, my Gmail is so spammed up by GR :P I think it'd be way easier that way around :) OR if we could choose in a settings page whether we want E-mails or not, rather than having to tick the box at the bottom of the page every time, as I always forget :P

Posted: 02-06-12 18:11 by Neon