Public health provision in the 19th-20th century

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btw what day is your exam?

Posted: 15-05-11 19:16 by Sara

its the 7th of june :)

Posted: 15-05-11 19:21 by Kavita :)

same !! lol how come cause were doing different exam boards?! or does it not matter?

Posted: 15-05-11 19:22 by Sara

i dunno lol they probs follow a similar pattern thing lol x

Posted: 15-05-11 19:22 by Kavita :)

are you doing surgery on the 7th and medicine + treatment on the 14th??

Posted: 15-05-11 19:26 by Sara

medicine and germany on 7th, and paper 2 on 14th which is sources paper :)

Posted: 15-05-11 19:35 by Kavita :)

oh, thats weird! what did you do in year 10 then?

Posted: 15-05-11 19:42 by Sara

we didnt do an exam in year 10, we could have, but school opted out lol :)

Posted: 15-05-11 19:42 by Kavita :)

urrggh - lucky!! we done gcse's in year 9, 10 and going to in year 11!!

Posted: 15-05-11 19:43 by Sara

our school says yes to like every exam there is !! lol

Posted: 15-05-11 19:44 by Sara

awee lol i have to go now speak to you later! :) byee **

Posted: 15-05-11 19:45 by Kavita :)

lol, well byee and good luck in your exams if i dont get a chance to speak to you again!!

Posted: 15-05-11 19:47 by Sara