psychology unit 3 june 9th

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Anyone know what is likely to come up on this paper?

Posted: 07-06-15 10:59 by estherbean137

just read up on it on student room 


TTC; Biology, gender.
MAC; Interviewing Suspects, false confessions.
MAC; Offender Profiling, UK bottom up approach (probably worth revising your case study too).
RAV; Reaching a Verdict, minority influence.
AAGV; Imprisonment, depression/suicide risk.

This was a little more difficult to predict but these were our best shots.

STRESS; Causes, control (lack of).
STRESS; Management, behavioural (social and cognitive also a possibility)
STRESS; Measures, combined OR physiological.
DYS. BEHAV; Explanations, behavioural.
DYS. BEHAV; Treatments, cognitive.
DISORDERS; Explanations, cognitive.
DISORDERS; Treatments, biological.

Posted: 07-06-15 16:44 by leahrosienn