Psychology research methods A2

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What  is everyone doing to revise for the PSYA4 exam?

I am fine for Schizophrenia and Anomolistic, because its simply regurgitation, but research methods seems to be really hard to do well in, even if you know the content?

any revision materials please email me [email protected]

Also, what topics is everyone doing:)?

Posted: 21-05-12 17:08 by claire hopkins

I'm doing schizophrenia and addiction.

Reserach methods are easy if you can just remember the little things you need in each experiment.

I really struggled with the 12 marker on a past paper about organizing an experiment. It's the little things like consent, debriefing, standardised instructions and controlling every extraneous variable. You have to really think about what you would do, because otherwise it's not going to be specific enough to get the marks.

I'm going to revise research methods the day before the exam, just so I know I won't mix up the types of data, or which statistical test I would use.

Remember if the statistical test has an R in, for example SpeaRmans, the experimental value must be more than the significance value.

Posted: 29-05-12 10:26 by Lauren