Psychology A unit 4 (AQA)

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I'm doing schizophrenia, media and (of course) research methods... Anyone else doing the same? and has anyone got any predictions as to whats going to come up in the June 2013 exam???

Posted: 04-06-13 16:59 by Hashim

I think that for schizophrena is may be the the classification/diagnosis as like a 12/16 mark question

maybe for one of the media questions it may be intense fandom.. but media section is really unpredictable :(

Posted: 07-06-13 00:00 by darsh patel

Hey i'm doing the exact same haha, i seriously have no clue, apparently approaches/explanation might come up but i'm not sure if it'll be biological or psycholgoical, or both! (just to throw us off) media i think anti social might come up but idk :(

Posted: 08-06-13 19:27 by Shruti

I'm doing depression, media and research methods. I'm trying to revise research methods atm but I have no idea how to start :/ any ideas?

Posted: 08-06-13 21:38 by Rach

try chunking your content and using memonics that usually helps me out, it sounds ridic haha but it works, once you've gone over one section (in confidence that you know it), leave it for a bit and then write it out all from memory x

Posted: 08-06-13 22:12 by Shruti

I know in jan pro-social, Hovland-Yale and celeb attraction came up if hthat's any help! Good luck!

Posted: 16-06-13 17:20 by Daisyx