PSYA4 June 17th 2013

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I was wondering if there was a way that people on Get revising could revise via a discussion like this one for the psychology exam?? I don't know how effective it would be?? Any thoughts??

Posted: 12-02-13 16:18 by Abitracey

Think it's a great idea. I know for a fact that I work better after talking about a topic. 

I'm doing Schizophrenia for the disorders part, and then Media Psychology for real world application, and then of course research methods. Which subjects are other people doing? 

Either way, research methods could be something worth revising together =) 

Posted: 19-02-13 12:56 by Katie

Hi guys! Guess what Katie? I'm doing the same as you! Schizophrenia and Media Psychology :D

I think we should all cover research methods together also :)

Posted: 08-03-13 17:59 by Psychology

i did that exam in january, and i'd say its definitely worth you guys doing research methods together. also, past papers are greattt, cos the same questions for research methods keep coming up.  For schizophrenia, i'd say revise on your own cos its mostly just memorising it :)

Posted: 10-03-13 15:31 by Fahima

Hi there! Does anyone know which questions came up for schizophrenia, anomalous psychology and research methods? Thank you! **

Posted: 15-04-13 21:09 by Sana Malik

Since you did the exam in January, what were the questions that came up for schizophrenia and media psychology? Or do you know where I can get them?


Posted: 23-04-13 15:14 by sara

wow im also doing schizophrenia, media and research methods! yeh i think a discussion group would be a really good idea, also does anyone know where to get past papers from?

Posted: 29-04-13 11:05 by steph

Hey guys!

I'm having to retake psya4 again :( daaaammmnnn! I'm doing phobia, media and research methods! KILL ME NOW! Dreading to do it again! but yes going over research methods should help :D

Posted: 29-04-13 12:15 by Tayba