PSYA2 retake.

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Heya i am retaking the Psya2 exam for the AQA board, but the last time i done it was 2 years ago so was hoping someone could refresh my mind of the topics and what you think is likey to come up?

i think its Biologica / social influence / abornormailtly but not sure what they involve.

Also some key studies would be nice as well :)

Thanks! Zoe x

Posted: 15-03-11 17:18 by Zoe

Yeah, it's that sort of stuff :) It's all about the Stress responses of the body so Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous systems and their hormones and stuff. It's also about how daily hassels and long worries add to stress, the maladaptiveness (crappiness) of the stress response and why it basically isn't that useful.

The social influence stuff is basically understanding Milgram & Zimbardo and how what they did was important for understanding obidience and creating ethics and junk.

As far as abnormality, you just need to know what defines abnormality, the biological and various psychological reasonings behind it and their various treatments and critisms.

That's all I can remember, it was around 10 months ago since I took the exam, and I got a high B, which was my worst mark in Psychology :'( But I didn't really revise... It's not too bad though as much as I remember :) Good luck with it anyway, hope you do well!

Posted: 23-03-11 22:12 by Mitch!

Hi, im also doing this

the modules im doing are stress, conformaity and abnoramlity

how are you finding revision?

Posted: 25-05-11 08:39 by Chantelle