Proters should have the freedom to protest without police stopping them (protest without violence) ?

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Posted: 18-04-12 19:26 by Gabby Tracey

Yes- they are fighting for something they believe in. remember the anti-bnp protest? You see could police trying to stop them. 

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Posted: 18-04-12 19:38 by LP-FTW

I agree with you.

Protests that are not violent have no need for police intervention! It just makes the problem worse and provokes violence, which then makes the protesters look bad.

Posted: 18-04-12 19:41 by Rayanne :)

exactly. but if protestors are being violent and looting and things then i believe that is when that set of protestors should have their right of protest taken away

Posted: 18-04-12 19:43 by Gabby Tracey

although violence should not always be fought with violence. such as fire with fire.

Posted: 18-04-12 19:56 by Rayanne :)

well it has to be sometimes to stop it

Posted: 18-04-12 19:57 by Gabby Tracey

surely there are better ways?

Posted: 18-04-12 19:58 by Rayanne :)

no because giving them a talkinbg to aint gonna work

Posted: 18-04-12 20:00 by Gabby Tracey

it may. have we tried?

Posted: 18-04-12 20:04 by Rayanne :)

yeahhhhh we always do

Posted: 18-04-12 20:36 by Gabby Tracey

:( gah.

society is corrupt.

Posted: 18-04-12 21:01 by Rayanne :)

lol Rayanne :P

Should start a discussion about whether society is corrupt :P

Posted: 24-04-12 13:41 by Fyzah :p