Prose OCR Herodotus

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My teacher says that you should learn your translations of the prose and verse by heart, next to the greek. But I find this very difficult........ any tips???



Posted: 21-05-11 09:13 by Mary

I'm doing this exam on Wednesday. I have divided A4 pages in half and written the greek on one side and the english on the other. It's helped me to learn important and difficult words to let me know where I am in the story. But ti is best to learn it off by heart. Just read small sections out loud again and again. Add actions or emotions where you can, it makes it more memorable.

Posted: 21-05-11 19:41 by Rachael

Aha glad it helped so much. I have learnt most of mine now, just perfecting it. Good luck for wednesday. x

Posted: 22-05-11 18:23 by Rachael

how did you find the exam? i found it a lot easier than i expected, but i usually find literature difficuly

Posted: 26-05-11 13:52 by tabby

Yep, it wasn't too bad! It was just the time limit, as it was really hard to get everything done in the hour we had.

Posted: 26-05-11 16:03 by Rebecca