Problem Solving GCSE Maths

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Bag A and Bag B contain only Red and Green counters. Bag A has 5 counters and 1 Green counter. Bag B also has 6 counters.

John takes one counter at random from Bag A and puts it in Bag B. He then takes one counter at random from Bag B and puts it in Bag A. Bag A now only contains Red counters. The probability of this happening is 2/21. How many Green counters are in Bag B at the start? (4marks)

please could you help mee, thanks to all your answers.

Posted: 10-03-11 18:11 by Kavita :)

Heyy, not too sure about this so sorry if it's wrong but wouldn't there originally be 6 green counters in bag B at the start because I think in a way, it states that at the start of the question before it throws in all the other confusing stuff lol, hope this helps youu :)

Posted: 29-03-11 16:40 by Nicole