Prioritising homework, independent study and revision??

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Hey guys,

I go to a fairly strict private school and my teachers continue to set homework exercises each lesson as well as expecting us to do independent study and revision for exams. My mock GCSEs are next week and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on keeping on top of homework and revision for after my mocks, before the real exams? Which would you prioritise, revision or homework? I also have a lot of exams (28 I think) in May/June and was wondering how to prioritise and organise my revision for them as well. If anyone has any tips to share that would be great! Oh, and thanks for reading my ramblings, sorry for going on a bit! :P

Posted Fri 28th February, 2014 @ 16:55 by Sparrow977

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I have the same problem, except I do not go to a private school, we still receive a lot of homework though. I normally try and do homework within the school week, and then I use tutor time to help me. As for revision, try looking up your subjects on YouTube maybe? I think that you should try to do well in your mocks because some schools send those results to the colleges you apply to. Most importantly, your exams are very important, so maybe focus on your weakest topics and limit yourself to only two subjects a day  otherwise you will find it harder to retain information. I don't know whether I was helpful... but I hope I enlightened you in some way :D

Answered Fri 7th March, 2014 @ 23:15 by maya
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Hope you did okay in your mocks :) I would try and do the homeworks straight away, maybe in a spare lunchtime if you weren't too busy or in a working mood! It depends how relevent to the exam the hw is whether you prioritize it or revision, if it is then it's kind of like revision anyway, but if not I would leave it until you have more free time i.e a weekend maybe? and do it then. With so many exams last year, I started with my fav/ most confident subject just to make me feel better, then I did whatever I felt like doing that day. I did this because I was worried I'd focus too much on my weaker ones, therefore not spending enough time to go over a 'better' subject. So I'd say just make sure you prepare in advance more for you weaker ones, to get the information in you memory, then closer to the time even out your revision so you spend equal time on each :) Hope this helps :) good luck!

Answered Thu 20th March, 2014 @ 17:52 by Lucy :)
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Hey Bubbles, a good  website that has youtube clips is myGCSE. it really helped me during my GCSE revision, i hope your mocks went well 

Answered Sat 22nd March, 2014 @ 15:33 by Bianca Dailey
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That was very helpful thank you :-) I didn't think of using YouTube but i'll check it out. Does anyone know if there any general channels for a variety of subjects? That would help me out loads. Thank you again for your answer :-) **

Answered Sat 15th March, 2014 @ 17:08 by Sparrow977
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Thanks for the encouragement everyone :-) will definitely check out myGCSE Bianca, and thanks for the helpful tips Lucy!

Answered Sun 6th April, 2014 @ 15:27 by Sparrow977