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Hey :)

I was just wondering if you would give me some information regarding preparation before exams, what do you do to prepare yourself, ready for an examination?

Many Thanks


Posted: 06-01-11 21:53 by Emma Brookes

make sure you have all the stationary you will need in the exam!! take more than one of most things just in case. you don't want to get into the exam and not be able to complete it!! practice online with things like past papers... make sure your familiar with the lay out of the paper, and know exactly what you need to know for the exam. don't try and guess what will be coming up because the majority of the time yes teachers are quite good at prodicting, but sometimes they are wrong and if you haven't revised everything your stufffed!!!!

DONT BE NERVOUS!!! i find that such a good point ! if your nervous your brain just goes blank!! read up on everything and think to your self that you know it then just take deep breathes and relax. your more likely to get a better grade if your calm.,...

finally revise revise revise!!! thats the part im bad at :D ... but if you want to be ready and be happy on results day then you have to. you hear all this stuff about people never revising and coming out with an a, i could put money on the fact that they go home and skwot!!! and those you don't really are the exception to the rule amd 1 in a million!! if you haven't revised for the exam your stuffed basically...

good luck x

Posted: 09-01-11 16:16 by Emma Dobson


well i think reading over notes and more than anything u need lots of past paper practice because thats the key to doing well.hope that helps :p



Posted: 16-01-11 15:54 by Shiny

yeah there both right you need the equipment and spares and make sure u get some past papers done, they can help u relate to simular questions in the exam and look at notes u may have made and ask ur teachers for extra work on a topic you struggle on or are behind on :)


Posted: 12-04-11 12:17 by josh